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  • Reuben

    I got the tramp training board and bindings together, thought I'd get stung by customs but SA sent them separately so they went through without fees, which is awesome. Downside was there was no tracking from the AUS warehouse, bindings showed up after 2 weeks which wasn't too bad, but the board trailed that by another 2 weeks and arrived opened at one end and paperwork removed. Nerve wrecking not being able to track and trace it. Have suggested to SA to offer a trackable option from AUS warehouse, at least then if we are too cheap to not select it, we have no-one to blame except ourselves... and NZ Post/Customs, they are freaking invalids. Good board though, pretty stoked I can practice my aerial maneuvers without having to use my actual snowboard which doesn't have any pop on the tramp. Customer Support was great too, except at the end there, was supposed to be contacted within 48hrs, and I guess they kinda forgot about me cos that never happened. But as we say here in Kiwiland, Sweet As Bro! 


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